Winter Walk - Chris Hill Photography
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Winter Walk

Winter Walk

I have just returned from a trip to New Zealands’s Central Plateau. Being winter here the temperature was -2 degrees celsius when we set off to walk to the Tama Lakes in Tongariro National Park.

We have just had a large snow fall in the area and the walk on a clear day was invigorating but spectacular, with one of the rivers that we had to cross completely frozen over.  

It is always a hard call to make when you go on a trip like this over what camera gear to take, it is a balance between travelling light enough not to slow you down and leaving something that you may need behind.  On this walk I decided not to take my tripod, a piece of gear I rarely go without. The reason for leaving it behind was that the day was so clear and bright with little wind that I would be generally sooting at high shutter speeds.  The one time that I did shoot a waterfall with a slow shutter speed I propped my camera up on my pack and walking pole and used the self timer.

The walk took us past the Taranaki Falls, that were falling into a cauldron of ice, up to the Upper and Lower Tama lakes.  The Lower Tama lake was almost completely frozen over while the upper lake was completely frozen over.

We couldn’t have gone on a better day as the photos below show.

Taranaki Falls

Lower Tama Lake

Upper Tama Lake

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