South Korea - Day 8 - Chris Hill Photography
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South Korea – Day 8

South Korea – Day 8

Today we were a little tired from the long days that we have had since our time in Busan, so we set out on a stroll in our neighbourhood in Gangnam.  Gangnam is the trendy up-market area of Seoul and everything has more of a modern urban feel to it.

I enjoyed the architecture of the area and the Koreans seem to go all out in the design of their buildings.  From buildings with holes in them to skyscrapers with waves in them there is a constant change in the skyline.

In the afternoon we visited our second palace, the Gyeongbokgung palace.  This was larger than the one we visited yesterday and was built in 1395 for the Joseon Dynasty.  Much of it was similar to yesterday’s but a bit grander, especially the building in the middle of the lake.

To finish the day I found a garden on the 14th floor of our apartment (we are on the 16th floor) that gave me a great view over our part of the city.  I was able to capture the view with beautiful evening light.

A Gangnam building made of holes

Skyscraper with a wave photographed through a sculpture

Part of the Gyeonbokgung Palace

The view from our apartment block’s 14th floor

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