South Korea - Day 2 - Chris Hill Photography
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South Korea – Day 2

South Korea – Day 2

Today I didn’t take many photos as we went to Caribbean Bay, a large water park with plenty of activities but not somewhere that I could easily carry a camera around.  The park was great fun and not as busy as it can be now that the temperature has dropped to 27 degrees celsius, what we would call a hot summer day.

So I am going to share some photos of Seoul at night.  At the moment it is getting dark around 6pm but the streets are very busy and it is pleasant walking around in the humid evenings.  Last night we walked around central Seoul past a palace, some monuments and the river park that runs through the middle of Seoul.  Tonight we walked through the streets of Gangnam.

Statue of King Sagol

One of Seoul’s palaces
The river park

One of Gangnam’s side streets

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