South Korea - Day 11 - Chris Hill Photography
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South Korea – Day 11

South Korea – Day 11

Today was a quieter day, I think we were a little tired from running around sightseeing.  After a slow start and a visit to my daughter’s workplace for a look around we headed off to Olympic Park.

Olympic Park is a celebration of the 1988 Seoul Olympics, it is not where the main stadium is but it is the site of the Velodrome, swimming centre, weight lifting and Gymnastics.  When we arrived there was preparations for a large concert,  displays and activities of ancient Korean life (4th century).  We have been lucky to run into several reenactments of cultural events during our explorations.

We often pass this truck.  I call it the leg truck. 


The subways are crammed with shops, the staff were setting up as we headed off.


Ladies cutting bamboo, Olympic Park


The Olympic Park museum, with bronze castings of hands and feet of athletes.


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