South Korea - Day 1 - Chris Hill Photography
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South Korea – Day 1

South Korea – Day 1

After a 12 hour flight from New Zealand we arrived in Seoul last night, having arrived in the dark and tired we were eager to see our new surroundings this morning.  We began by walking the streets in the neighbourhood of our hotel.

The only camera that I took with me was my small Fujifilm x100s and I was able to capture some of the colour and feel of the back streets of seoul. 

A typical back street in Seoul

In the afternoon we headed for Hanok village, an area of houses built in a traditional Korean style, the streets were very busy as it was a public holiday for Chuseok. This time I took my SLR kit. 

We were lucky to meet one of the home owners who saw me photographing his house and invited me in to photograph his internal courtyard.  

The courtyard of a traditional Korean home, Hanok Village

One of the houses in Hanok Village

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