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Product photography

Product photography

I was approached by a couple that make a natural deodorant to photograph their products for an online shop. During the first meeting we developed a mutual excitement over the project.  It is aways good when a client trusts me to have creative control over the process and I catch their vision for how they want to show the product.

When we talked in the initial meeting the idea of showing the product with a freshness and the use of natural ingredients became the aspects that we wanted to pursue.  As the product contains Macadamia oils our first thought was to photograph it with Macadamia leaves.  While this was successful from a photography perspective it was difficult to source leaves without blemishes so this led to using a floral stylist to help with the flowers to create the look that we liked, a blend freshness and delicacy. 

After working with a few rocks in the shot to give it a hint of texture, I decided to photograph the products scattered on rocks. This would help me get the jars on different levels to add interest to the image, I also added a sea shell to pop in a bit of colour.

 To photograph the travel range of products I decided to add a bit of colour as this range comes in black jars.  So I photographed them on a map of the world with a carefully arranged passport and foreign currency.

The brief also required me to shoot all the products individually for the online shop.  When were finished the clients were thrilled with the result and I had enjoyed working with the product.

So if you want a great deodorant (I am using it myself) head over to see the wonderful website at to see the images and buy a great product. 

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