No tripods here please - Chris Hill Photography
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No tripods here please

No tripods here please

During a walk in Auckland I ended up in Britomart at dusk with an image before me that I had to take. I got out my camera and since I did not have a tripod with me I hand held a shot with a high ISO and sacrificing some depth of field.  Getting back to the hotel and reviewing the images I thought that I would return to Britomart the next day with my tripod and re-take the photo.

The next day I returned and proceeded to set up my tripod in a quiet area in preparation to take the image when a security guard approached me and informed me that I was not allowed to take a photo with a tripod.  I was allowed to take a photo but not using a tripod.

I tried to talk my way into the photo that I wanted trying to get him to turn a blind eye but to no avail.  I must say I find the policy very strange but luckily I got a good shot the day before so I packed up and left.  Here is the image below.

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