The road to Tilba - Chris Hill Photography
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The road to Tilba

The road to Tilba

Today we drove down the New South wales coast to the settlement of Tilba, on the way we passed through the town of Narooma.  We walked around the estuary of Narooma taking in some of the wild life including seals and pelicans.

We then headed off to the small settlement of Tilba which consists of Central Tilba and Tilba Tilba.  Central Tilba was a tourist destination with small craft shops whereas Tilba Tilba was a collection of cottage like buildings.

On the return trip to where we are staying we called in on Mystery Beach where we were lucky enough to see a whale bracing off shore.  Tomorrow we are heading to inland New South Wales and away from internet coverage so it may be a day or to before I am able to update my blog.

Pelican and friend Narooma Estuary

Seal sunning himself Narooma Estuary

Old General store Tilba Central

Building Tilba Tilba
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