Inland landscapes - Chris Hill Photography
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Inland landscapes

Inland landscapes

After settling in to our new abode for the night, what had been a sunny day suddenly got darker and we got the only rain of our trip.  It didn’t last long but it did get me out with my camera as days of blue skies left me wanting something with a bit more mood.  I was able to get some shots of the retreating storm with the setting sun.

The next day had me out at first light as we woke up with the house surrounded with Kangaroos and I was able to enjoy the warm light and the stillness of the early morning as I wandered down to the river.

Later in the day we went on a trek to see the site of the first house that was destroyed by bush fires which are common in the area, in fact we were able to see the helicopters fighting one in the distance while were there.

The retreating storm at sunset
Kangaroo and Joey in the early morning light
The river in the still morning light
The site of the first house

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