A boat and a trip up the river - Chris Hill Photography
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A boat and a trip up the river

A boat and a trip up the river

A couple of days ago I helped Steve and his mate Sudsy tip their boat over, the boat is a large heavy wooden one that they are doing up.  To enable them to work on the bottom of the boat they had to get it upside down which appeared was going to be a mission, but after some clever use of some block and chains the process went rather smoothly.

I attended to take some photos of the operation, and while Steve and Sudsy did most of the work, I ended up lending a hand.

Later that day we headed off ‘up river’ to stay with a couple who own a block of land inland.  After a long drive on gravel roads and fording a river we arrived at their quaint house that they built themselves.  The house is isolated from utilities and runs on solar power and batteries, they get water from the river and they have a rather flash out-house.   


Sudsy and the boat

The boat finally upside down
The house up the river
Our attic room

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